Come Celebrate With Us

Hello! I’m Marigene, Spiritual Director at CSL.  I’m sure you’ll find a community of wonderful, joy-filled, loving people on their spiritual path.  Wherever you are on yours, you are welcome to expand and explore how spirituality and science* come together. You can learn spiritual principles and support your magnificence and spiritual growth.

Please join us this Sunday at 11am Celebration.

We also have a mediation at 10:40 am!

Say yes to life and join us Sunday!

Love and blessings, Rev. Marigene

NOTE: this is not Scientology.

Discover Your True Power


The Universe is forty billion light-years across. An expanse comprised of what we call physical manifestation. Another universe consists of thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and concepts, called the mental/emotional universe. Beyond both of these is the spiritual. With a deeper understanding of these universes you will discover joy, peace, harmony and love and let go of suffering and pain.


The Fourth State


The first state of consciousness is waking, and the second and third are dream state and deep sleep. Th fourth state of consciousness is thoughtless awareness. This class will explore this state and how to bring you a true perspective and balance to your life by living from this state of being.


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