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Purpose of this Blog Posting Series

The Future of the Future was written in 2012.

The purpose of this series of blog posts is to provide you with the information that allows you to make changes to your life to live the future you now.  Research information during the time this was written in 2012 has pointed to dramatically escalating changes in climate, finance, fresh water supplies, politics, etc.

The instructions for the technique of creating the future now is in the last of the four blog post to be released.

Larry De Rusha, 2019


Larry DeRusha’s book The Future of the Future, gives you a simple, yet profound, roadmap to achieve what you want in life. It is one of the most significant books of its type ever written, enabling you to enhance your life by quickly and easily accessing the ultimate power in the universe.

If you want to improve your life, you have to make changes. The problem is most of us don’t know what changes to make, or how to make them. We too easily get stuck in the old ways of thinking and doing, and life doesn’t get any better. So many of us find ourselves anxious, apprehensive, depressed, fearful, in pain, unhealthy, unsure, uncommitted, and worried. Yet a richer life is not only achievable, it is not that difficult to achieve.  The Future of the Future shows you how easy it is to transform to a higher level of existence.

The author takes us back to the principles that connect the spiritual and the material worlds. It is a scientific fact that your thoughts directly influence your physical being, so why not make that work for you instead of against you? Well documented scientific experiments have established that our minds and our intent can alter the outcome of physical events. Our problems stem from the modern world’s disconnecting from spirit and our failure to understand what we are missing. The author shows you how to alter your outcome by tapping into the perfection of spirit and making life in the material world better, not only for you, but for everyone..

The greatest thing within you is the power of choice and the ability to determine your future. Yet the biggest barrier to your greater good is your own thoughts and failure to make new choices. Rather than being stuck in the present, the truth is we all have a tremendous capacity to make positive changes in our lives. We have the power to respond to life in new ways, rather than as victims; DeRusha shows you how to use that power.

Raymond Francis, D.Sc., M.Sc., R.N.C.

Author of Never Be Fat Again, Never Fear Cancer Again, Never Feel Old Again and the bestseller Never Be Sick Again


It is a remarkable paradox that, at the pinnacle of human material and technical achievement, we find ourselves anxiety-ridden, prone to depression, worried about how others see us, unsure of our friendships, driven to consume and with little or no community life. Lacking the relaxed social contact and emotional satisfaction we all need, we seek comfort in over-eating, obsessive shopping and spending, or become prey to excessive alcohol, psychoactive medicines and illegal drugs.  (Wilkinson, Richard; Pickett, Kate 2010).

Apprehension about our future is widespread these days. Bob Dylan’s lyric, “The times they are a-changin’,” fits this remarkable period we are living into. Everywhere in the national media, we see economic, political, and ecological firestorms. Fueled by unlimited consumption, consumerism, competition, colonization, and tribalism; these wildfires are burning out of control. These are the outward symptoms of something much deeper. Beneath all of this unrest, instability, and suffering is the deep disconnection of humanity from its spiritual essence.

Making a shift in your worldview, healing any disconnections, and positively seeding consciousness ultimately leads to shifts in the way you act, and this impacts the outer world. In other words, as you begin to shift yourself, the old materialist worldview will give way to a new worldview. Multiplied by millions, your part equals world shift!

Although this book describes, in brief, the crisis-driven revolution of an old worldview (perspective), learning to reconnect and participate in a positive personal and global shift is its purpose. Our new outer world will be built on an inner awakening and a realization of our universal inter-connectedness.

Other books explore in depth all the ingredients contributing to our global crisis, and still, others give theories on how the crises developed. (You can find some of these in the Suggested Reading section in the appendix.)

To fully participate in facilitating such a powerful and positive change as is needed, you must go beyond the common obstacle of superficial optimism or pessimism.

Because you are still reading this, you most likely relate to what I have said and feel something profound is happening on our planet and wish to do something about it. And, like me, you might question, “What can I do? I am only one person.” Well, the most significant answer to this question comes from Mahatma Gandhi when he said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

New Interconnected Worldview

We exist in a single, interconnected & incredibly vast system, called nature. For the ego’s reason, we consider ourselves to have dominion over nature, and it’s creatures. We believe we are omnipotent; with this collective belief, we will surely destroy ourselves, and, perhaps life, as we know it.

The single field of the universe is everywhere, and we are a part of it. We cannot escape it.  Hence, we must study the universal principles so that we can take our role in it, as opposed to being separate from it.

Our urge to evolve is wonderful, but we must do it in the right way, towards a healthy connection between us and the rest of creation in a way that does not violate the harmony in the overall balance of nature.

Science and medicine provide the background to help us understand how everything works. When we are healthy all of our organs, parts, cells, molecules work by mutual interdependence. Each cell functions according to its harmonious plan. A renegade cell does not consider its environment and begins consuming everything around it and creating more renegade cells. Such a selfish act eventually leads to the death of the entire organism. In medicine, this is known as cancer.

Over thousands of generations, then we have been trying to understand the material parts of the universe and have only scattered mystical experiences that would provide the truth of how it all works.

The real issue is we do not understand that what happens to us is a replication of what is happening in us. The current state of the world proves the ego blindness and our ignorance of the natural order.

The worldview I am suggesting is in many ways a return to the worldview of many early indigenous and spiritual cultures, yet supported by the writings of mystics and modern science’s evolving theories.

For example, author and Oglala Sioux spiritual teacher Ed McGaa stated, “Interdependence is at the center of all things. The separation between us and nature is a mirage. This perception is the result of ignorance.” Similarly, in the book Awakening, Sufi master Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan describes this interconnectedness when he says the “oneness with the universe.

A 3,000-year-old Hindu religion says we are mirror-like jewels reflecting not separate, and not one but interconnected, like cells in the body. These old views are supported by quantum science, like that of cosmologist Brain Green.

“All the known fundamental particles—including the messenger particles—have properties resulting from these types of vibrational patterns. This fact is one of the most attractive and unifying aspects of string theory—it postulates that all particles are made of the same “fabric,” as opposed to the particle-physics view that each elementary particle is in effect “cut from a different fabric.” (Brian Greene, The Elegant Universe).

This scientific detection of a “fabric” of the universe, perhaps the so-called “dark matter” or “dark energy,” The ancient Jewish mystical text, The Book of Zohar, also describes this concept in more cloaked ways. But, the more modern spiritual language of interconnectedness and interdependence is more palatable to the contemporary Western mind.

That being said, we currently live between two worldviews. The old externally focused an ego-based worldview that attempts to manipulate material stuff to affect change and the interconnected worldview that is inner focused on our oneness in consciousness.

As Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, a Hindu mystic, said, “There is the material world and the spiritual. Between lies the universal mind and universal heart. It is wise love that makes the two one.

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