Walking Meditation

Our lives are so busy today.  The Universe itself is slowing us down and having us reevaluate our daily lives right now with this Coronavirus pandemic.  It’s a great time to check what practices can help you enjoy life more, for example, simple intentional walking.

You’re habit maybe to drive or even walk from place to place mostly unconscious and in a hurry to get to your destination.  Rarely do you mindfully and intentionally walk without the cell phones, to be quiet, and take steps intentionally.

My wife and I attended a Zen, silent meditation retreat.  Part of the program each day was morning mindful walking. The group walks inside the temple at a specific pace, with a quiet mind (as best possible). From time to time, the pace would shift.  It would continue for about 30 minutes.

In the afternoon, we walked through the woods to a small rushing stream about a mile from the temple grounds. During this journey, we simply paid focused attention to the world around without the narration from the ego-mind.  Any comments by the ego-mind were ignored.

These simple and intentional walks grounded my mind and body to mother earth and reminded me of the beauty of this planet.

Anytime is a great time to train yourself to walk in reverence. You can practice this no matter where or when you are walking. Whether in the city or the countryside.  It could be a walk down the hallway at work. If you remember to walk like this, you will begin to feel nourished.

The practice of mindful walking is to be aware of each step. Mindfulness walking can bring us back to the here and now. We don’t need anything else. Go slowly. To rush is the opposite of mindfulness. Take your time. With each step, take a breath.  The earth is the home of our body, even though it is not the home of our soul. But with this practice you can stay grounded in the body.

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