Reason or Faith – Three general types of myths (Creation, Deity, and Hero) have been central to human societies and continue to influence the way humans think, speak and act about the past, present or future.

Cause and Effect – This PDF article, written by James Pottenger, helps understand the relationship between cause and effect in metaphysics.

– This PDF article, written by James Pottenger, relates Ernest Holmes understanding of reincarnation.

The History of Heaven Hell – Ancient religions like Zoroastrianism of Persia created a heaven and a hell in their Scriptures (Gathas) based on geographic “places” where a human goes to after s/he dies.

Human Adventure – These lessons deal with the philosophical concepts of an individual’s world view and/or belief-systems

How Humans Learn  – There are questions humans are unable to ask at certain stages during their personal evolution or growth