Ernest Holmes & Reincarnation

The teachings of Ernest Holmes exploded on the American scene exposing a spiritual synthesis that rocked the world.

He took the archetype patterns of Plato as the source of all creation. He took the teleology of

Aristotle’s monism as the involution patterns of intelligence and design that produce the evolution of creation.

He took the unconscious mind of Freud and declared it to be the two aspects of God, the transcendent spiritual source of unlimited potential as the unconscious and the immanent psychological source that expresses as the conscious individualized human being.

He took the individual conscious awareness of Jung’s discovery of a self and linked the self as both the responsible and the empowered “person” capable of discovering “his” or “her” “Nature” as the formerly worshipped God of dualism, all power (omnipotent), all knowledge (omniscient), all presence (everywhere present).

Ernest showed us by example that universal mind and an individual’s mind are one and the same mind. He showed us why thinking and feeling create wise or unwise results in one’s current life experiences.

Ernest Holmes the man, his writings, his behavior, and his life were, and continue to be, awesome.

Dr. Ernest Holmes was often asked if he believed in reincarnation. In volume one of The Holmes Papers by Dr. George Bendall we find Dr. Holmes addressing the question of reincarnation.

Starting on page 3: 

“I wish to start with the history of the New Thought Movement because there would be no Religious Science Movement had there not first been a New Thought Movement.

We are one of the New Thought groups of America, which have come up in the last sixty years, that influenced the thought of the world and the country more than any other one single element in it, that is spiritually, religiously, theologically and psychologically. But the New Thought Movement itself, which originated in America, had its roots in a very deep antiquity. We would have to go back because it has drawn its knowledge from all sources.

It draws many of its sources from India. Now, India did not have any one outstanding prophet or revelator as most of the religions had, such as Buddhism, Christianity or Judaism.

India never had a great prophet or great savior, never claimed any. Rather, their teaching is an

accumulation of generations, thousands of years, probably of wise people (they didn’t even call them saints or sages).

In looking over these generations of the teachings of India we find a very great concept of the unity of all life. They believed in one God and only one God; they didn’t call it God; they called it The Absolute, or Brahma, but it doesn’t matter what you call it.

They believed in One Presence and One Power and only One in the Universe.

They believed in what later came out as a Theosophical teaching; in the mind that sleeps in the mineral, waves in the grass, wakes to simple consciousness in the animal, to self-consciousness in the human and to cosmic consciousness in what they called the Upper Hierarchies, or an Ascending Scale of evolution, ad infinitum.

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They believed in the theory of involution and evolution, „the spark that ignites the mundane clod‟, or the Divine Idea which exists in everything, everything, a something that all things are impregnated with. It is called involution or the passing of Spirit into substance into definite form to begin an endless round of evolution or unfoldment, cycle after cycle.

If they believed in reincarnation, as they did, over and over here until they have started and learned what there is here to learn, and then on and on and on.

I personally happen to believe in the upper hierarchies.”

The upper hierarchies that Dr. Holmes believed in and lived as his life are the Upper Hierarchies of God or The Absolute, not limited to hierarchies in a finite human’s body with a brain.

HP/SOS‟s levels of understanding help us comprehend this awesome cosmology. Dr. Holmes was oriented to the Unlimited Potential within all Being as a Transcendental Source which he named “Universal Mind”.

In early levels of understanding humans are often oriented to what is wrong in their lives and in their world. Their thinking is based on a separate body having a brain that is under attack from germs, neighbors, work places and an environment in general that “acts” as an enemy.

Medical establishments in these early levels of understanding are primarily oriented to pathology rather than potential.

With all these things that people find fault with in one’s world it is easy to understand why blame of one’s world or one’s past as the cause or karma for one’s problems is a natural result.

Into this world of problems entered Dr. Ernest Holmes in 1887. He left us in 1960 with years of a teaching that transforms our lives when we are capable of comprehending his teaching.

We turn again to Dr. Bendall‟s book of actual transcriptions of Dr. Holmes and quote from a speech Dr. Holmes made on January 8, 1959 at a church banquet.

Starting on page 190: 

“The intellect can arrive at an intelligent profundity, which is far beyond our inward understanding and our embodiment. God is all there is; there isn’t anything else, there never was and never will be. Even that which appears not to be God, is God in disguise.

As Emerson said, „We are on a drunk, that seems as though somebody or something gave us something too strong to drink when we entered this world and we are on a perpetual sleep, but once in a while someone wakes up.‟

Now, we are trying to wake up to something within us and something cryptic hidden in the universe, always ready to be revealed.

I believe in the divine pattern of perfection, not a plan but a pattern that is resident in everything. That energy, force, intelligence, will, consciousness, desire, or feeling, call it what you will, that came with the early dawn, contained within it the pattern, not only of perfection but of the whole evolution of man. That everything that has happened in evolution is but the unfoldment of that pattern through the thought, feeling and intellect and the action of man.

That pattern contains that which is beyond our present perception.

This is the secret that Jesus had. This is what Buddha discovered when he found out what Isaiah meant when he said, „ye shall leave captivity captive‟. He was called the man of the heart. …

Christ does not mean Jesus. Jesus embodied the Christ. It is what the Buddhists mean by „the enlightened one‟, what the Hindus meant by Atman, or the Universal and Divine Incarnation of the Absolute.

There is in you and me a unique presentation of this that by the very nature of the process of our evolution we should finally spring, fully orbed, into our Divine Nature and consciously cooperate with it.

There is that which must wait until slumber passes from our eyes, and the inertia from our minds; that the Spirit within us proclaims to us. I do not believe that we as individuals or the race evolve spiritually, other than through our own consent, otherwise we would not be an individuation.”

Dr. Holmes believed that reincarnation deals with the ontology (identity), as well as the cosmology (world view) of an individual. His awesome message dealt with the ontology of a universal ground of being with a cosmological base of Universal Mind or The Absolute.

HP/SOS starts with the individual level of understanding with its first reality based on a behavioristic psychology. We then advance to a second reality of a self, I, ego or person with options having the ability to choose those options based on a humanistic psychology. We then advance to the transcendent “I AM” of third reality in which Source awakens as the motivation that has always been the basis or patterns of creation and is based on a transpersonal psychology.

HP/SOS names these patterns of creation “Spiritual DNA”, “involution”, or “teleology”. Plato named these patterns “Forms or Ideas”, and Dr. Jung named these patterns “archetypes” and/or the “collective unconscious”. Some modern physicists are naming these patterns “Intelligence” and “Design”.

In the first reality subject/object language model we name person, place or thing He, She or It. In a second reality process language model of humanistic psychology we have a self, I, ego or person actualizing potentials. In third reality inclusion of transpersonal psychology we recognize an awareness of awareness which is “one‟s” Eternal Nature awakening to its Unlimited Source.

The complexity of each level of understanding of an Absolute Nature is increasingly discovered and structured as humans awaken to their Divine or Eternal Nature.

We awaken in third reality that we are not human beings having spiritual experiences, but spiritual beings having human experiences in early levels of understanding.