The Original 1926 Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes
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No one has ever seen Mind or Spirit, but who could possibly doubt their existence? Nothing is more self- evident than that we live; and since we live, we must have life; yet who has ever seen this life? The only proof of life we have is that we live, and the only proof we have of Mind is that we can think; so we are perfectly justified in believing that we have a mind and that we live

Creative Mind by Ernest Holmes
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The hand of eternal progress is brushing the cobwebs from the corridors of time and is again revealing to the human race the mysteries of being. As there is “nothing new under the sun,” the searchlight of Truth is bringing to light only what has been known to the few in all generations. The time has now come when the few must become the many.

Primary Lessons in Healing by Annie Rix Militz
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Not only have the sick been healed by the practice of these teachings, but characters have been redeemed from vice and weakness, and prosperity has come to those who had never dreamed that there is a law of mind that gives fortune and freedom from debt. Therefore these teachings are not theoretical or chimerical… Read by Rev. Barbara Waterhouse.

The Science of Being Great (How to be a Genius) by Wallace D. Wattles
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Man was formed for growth, and all things external were designed to promote his growth. No sooner does a man awaken his soul and enter on the advancing way than he finds that not only is God for him, but nature, society, and his fellow men are for him also; and all things work together for his good if he obeys the law.

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles
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A man develops in mind, soul, and body by making use of things, and society is so organized that man must have money in order to become the possessor of things; therefore, the basis of all advancement for man must be the science of getting rich.

How to Develop The Faith That Heals by Fenwicke Holmes
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A NEW world dawns for us every morning. Everything in it is fresh and unknown. To the hopeful and daring soul, each day is a thrilling adventure. What it will bring, he does not know. That it will be good, he can but believe. This belief is his faith.

Being and Becoming by Fenwicke Holmes
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This book is written to show how we know that there is a universal intelligence; how that intelligence or being becomes manifest, or the passing of spirit into form; the method by which we can control the form it shall take for us as individuals; the way in which we can harness cosmic forces; and above all it is written to make plain the personal relation of our own self with the Greater Self whose life we share.

howtogetwhatyouwantHow to Get What You Want by Wallace Wattles
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The cause of success is always in the person who succeeds; you will see that this must be true because if the cause of success were in nature, outside the person, then all persons similarly situated would succeed.

Law of Mind in Action by Fenwicke Holmes

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Daily Lessons and Treatments in Mental and Spiritual Science takes shape.

Your Word is Your Wand by Florence Scovel Shinn
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The affirmation of the magic purse is very powerful, as it brings a vivid picture to the mind. It is impossible not to see your purse or wallet filled with money when using the words, ʺcrammed, jammed.ʺ


Master writing on Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu

The middle way!  The comments on the Tao Te Ching were written by an Oxford scholar in the 1970s.


Wei-Wu-Wei PDF