Our Noble Purpose

Be in loving service by revealing the truth of health and wholeness through Spiritual Mind Treatment. We lead and empower by being examples of this truth!

The Practitioners listed below are members of the Center for Spiritual Living and are available to support physical, financial, emotional, and other aspects of your well-being with the use of Spiritual Mind Treatment.

Each Sunday, one of these Practitioners offers a Spiritual Mind Treatment during the Celebration. If you would like to have yourself or someone else included in this treatment, please give the person listed in the program your name and request before the Celebration begins. Also, the Practitioners are available after the Sunday Celebration for treatment work. The Sunday experience is offered to you as a gift, however, please know that if you choose to make an appointment with a Practitioner during the week, a charge for their time may be specified.

Join our Practitioners the 4th Sunday of each month for our Circle of Prayer. Our Practitioners circle the sanctuary and offer 1-minute miracles to anyone who would like treatment work.Join our Practitioners in this sacred time of revealing health, love, joy, peace, and prosperity.

If you would like to receive treatment work from one of our Licensed Practitioners complete the form below.