This library provides spiritual videos for your growth and enjoyment.

Dr. Ernest Holmes

How to use the Science of Mind – Dr. Ernest Holmes

Let God Do It – Dr. Ernest Holmes

This Thing Called You – Dr. Ernest Holmes

Belief – Dr. Ernest Holmes

How to Pray Effectively – Dr. Ernest Holmes

Solving Your Problems – Dr. Ernest Holmes

Other Spiritual Videos

American Veda – Phillip Goldberg
The story of how India influence the New Thought Movement.

Understanding Yoga – Interview with Sadguru

Where do Thoughts Come From – Eckhart Tolle

Trust in Life – Mooji

The Tao – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Where do Thoughts Come From – Rupert Spira

Personal Growth

Tony Robbins

Bruce Lipton

Science & Spirituality

Waking Up – Alan Watts

the Self – Science & Nonduality

Who are you? – Jim Carry – Alan Watts

Suffering is Contained in a Thought – Rupert Spira

Explains What Awakening Means - Allan Watts

Tao Te Ching or The Book Of The Way by Lao Tzu Translation by S. Mitchell.

The difficulty of understanding - Alan Watts
The Intelligence Beyond Thoughts - Alan Watts